Retrokits rk005 So I saw this and I am wondering if anyone has used this. If so i have some questions. Im kind of new to all this stuff especially midi.

  1. If this is plugged into the organelle would it be powered by the organelle?
  2. If plugged into the organelle is it possible to send/recieve midi simultaneously from the organelle?
  3. Are the midi ports both in/out or is one in and the other out?

Basically im trying to use one usb midi controller to control the organelle and another synth at the same time, while also have the organelle and synth talk to each other as well. Maybe even 2 synths. I dont know what or if any of this is possible but if anyone has used this please let me know how you use it.

There is a lot of good information here. If you’re new to midi, it may take a bit to digest (well, it did for me anyway), but you’ll be thinking in the right direction and be able to try some things out. If you’re not using orac though it’s a lot simpler than all this and (I think) mostly covered in the manual. You should be able to get all three devices (the controller the organelle, and another synth) working together (with orac), it’s just a matter of figuring out how.

ok, I don’t have a rk005 so this may not be 100% accurate,
but given my experience of midi stuff I’ll give it a go.

yes, you will plug the rk005 into the organelle, and the rk005 client port

however, you should recognise if the rk005 tries to power the other usb devices (thru the usb host port), then there is a limit of a bit less that 500mA.
so one small keyboard might work ok, but multiple or things with lots of LEDs etc might not - for these you should use a powered USB hub.
(this is standard stuff, not specific to the organelle)

yes, the usb connection is bi-directional.

the midi din ports , one will be in, one will be out.
the usb ports are bi-directional.

(if you have > 1 midi din devices, you can either use a midi splitter/merger or just chain using midi thru, assuming your devices support this)

ok, this is unfortunately not true…
the above topic and its video, has nothing to do with Orac, its to do with using multiple midi devices for ANY organelle patch.

by default what’s covered in the manual, and in the Settings-> midi dialog will only work with ONE midi device, but the rk005 will expose multiple devices. (Ive no idea which one is the first, which is which it will use by default)

so if you have multiple midi devices, you are going to have to go thru the above topic/video carefully.

disclaimer: as I said, I don’t have a rk005, so I cannot guarantee it will work - but I should think it will work fine… i was tempted to get one myself :slight_smile:

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