Things to try:

  • Updating to current OS (search for the topic)
  • samples which already work in another patch
  • lowercase filepath
  • go to first page of the patch, press the first key and twist the first knob. this loads a sample into the slot for that key. Press the key again. Sounds should happen!
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Thanks Wannop. Not got it with me right now but will try these things asap and let you know!

I think Wannop listed all the common issues. When you move the first knob on the first page you should see the label on the knob change to the names of the samples, if its not then the samples can’t be found (either they’re in the wrong folder, or they dont have ‘.wav’ extentions, or if your using an older OS).

Nope. Nada. Done all these things , still nothing.
I have checked OS (3.0 - that’s the latest right?)
Loaded samples which work in another patch
Made sure filenames are lower case (and tried with and without the forward slash before the “media” folder - which should it be?)
What am I doing wrong?!

There is 3.1 now (you can download it here ) but i’m not sure it will change something.
Have you tried to download another version of the patch and using a quality branded SD card ?

Hmm the file path thing doesnt relate to the filename, just the folder names.
I’m not sure what you mean about the forward slash? Where are you typing a forward slash?
I only meant that the place the samples are kept should be:

media > samples > 1.wav

the arrow indicates that the object to the right is inside the object to the left.

Are you on usb or sd card? Let’s start from there.

I think @Wannop maybe find your problem.
the slash means you have one folder and then subfolders.

Hi Wannop,
I’m referring to the forward slash at the very start. To quote one of your earlier posts: " …as i used to have on my USB stick (/Media/samples). can you think of any reason for a conflict and if so how can I resolve it in the patch?"
However, sometimes that forward slash before the word “media” isn’t there.
It’s important to remember that this is basically a foreign language for me. I have zero understanding of this stuff…
Anyway, I installed OS 3.1 and still nothing.
Tony LB - thanks for your response. I haven’t tried a branded SD card - I guess that might have to be the next line of enquiry.
I’m grateful for everyone’s help and patience…

On USB. The small white one that came with the Organelle

You’re welcome. Perhaps you can try with another usb stick.

So yeah, on your usb stick, make a folder called ‘media’ (but not inside the ‘patches’ folder)

Double click the created media folder

INSIDE the ‘media’ folder, make a new folder and name it ‘samples’

put.wav samples in there

@WyrdAl - Loving this patch! Works like a charm and very cool and useful features/interface.
One suggestion if there’s any possibility of an update:
In all of the “latch” loop modes, I’m getting some glitches in the audio when starting/stopping more than one loop at a time (specifically I’m starting one at the same time as stopping another). Doesn’t seem to happen when doing the same using non-latch versions.
Envelope at .225, so not the usual issue of sudden change in volume creating clicks/pops.
edit: also ty for the new orac modules - have yet to check em but they look awesome :smiley:

The beta patch is really great, I like the latch modes, I’m creating drones, so I don’t really need the sequencer.
One question, I know there is a freeze mode in Freeverb, is it possible to activate it somehow on this patch? Maybe by pressing AUX when beeing on page 4?
Thanks a lot,

Glad you like it. The patch actually uses rev2~ instead of freeverb so there is no freeze mode.
It should be possible to replace it with freeverb if you edit the the ‘fx’ subpatch of main.pd.

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It’s probably out of my knowledge at the moment, but I’ll have a look anyway !

is there a way to make other patches read from this media folder?
i want to have a work around for patches which are sampler based but don’t have a way to record in… i want to make alternate versions of patches like pow pow polybeats or the samplers in 1008, or orac that read from samples i record in another patch.
i have tried opening patches that use wavs to see where they look for these wavs but i am not seeing it… presumably if you change the name of what it is looking for it will look there instead?

Even if it’s a bit lame to ask about, but is ther som video were the patche is used?


You should be able to edit them to look in %tmp/media/samples, the issue may be that some will want specific filenames (ie polybeats uses 24 samples named 1.wav,2.wav…24.wav). You could make a patch that lets you swap out a common set of files with those names though.

Fastpoholmen, sorry I don’t think there is a video for using this patch.

I haven’t downloaded the patch, but I have a question for when I do… is there a limit to how long a sample could be?

thanks gettin bck to me. i know it’s been months but i saw this thred revived a couple days ago and now i have a minute to respond and am here on the site… does it still make sense to do this in the way you mention?
i’m trying to learn how to read thru PD patches well enough to know which part to edit to make it look for the folder… for samplenest that folder is “%tmp/media/samples,” ??

i wonder if this could be done within orac… this is OT maybe i should post there… same idea tho… a way to have a sampler patch read from a patch which records.