In the original version on patchstorage there is no hard limit, you may start noticing artifacts once you go longer than 20-30 seconds.
There is a limit (I think 40 seconds?) in the update I posted here as the loading is done differently.


It is %tmp/media/samples for samplenest. It depends which patch you want to convert, if it only read files with set names it might not work easily.

I made a one voice version of samplenest called sampletwig for orac, it loads samples but doesn’t record: Modules for the Orac

A module for recording shared samples would be useful too, I might work on that I’ve finished a few other modules I’m working on. I think @thetechnobear is planning on adding some kind of native sample support to ORAC later as well.


Also, how do you get a sample into samplenest?..


If you’ve ditched the usb for SD card patch storage I believe the “Media” folder name needs to be lower case.


Do I put the folder in patches, samplenest, or is it a standalone folder?


Create a folder call media along side the patches folder.
Then create a folder called samples inside the media folder.

All lower case.


i did that, and I still don’t see it appearing on the actual organelle itself… it wasn’t in the patches folder, but it was on the organelle usb drive… sorry to annoy you with more questions btw


you won’t see it on the organelle itself - but the samples will be available from within the samplenest patch (i.e. after you load the patch, you’ll now be able to use any sound files that you’ve put into your “samples” folder).


I get it now! I just haven’t loaded any samples yet! Thanks!


Sorry to be annoying, but I have one final question, I promise this is the last question: do the samples have to be a certain type of file or meet a certain requirement to pu them in the folder?


The files need to be wav format. I think any wav file will work, if its longer than 20-30 seconds the sound quality may degrade though.


hello WyrdAl, samplenest is fantastic! i have a question: it is possible to put in media folder not one samples folder but two? like: Media/samples & samples2, samples3 etc? for have more folders in media/ to load not one series of samples but two or more. samples1, samples2 samples 3 etc??? thanx!


Hi, unfortunately that wouldn’t be very straightforward. You could try modifying different copies of samplenest to look in different folders (you would need to change the object called ‘symbol /tmp/media/samples/*.wav’ in the file soundshare/soundshare_select.pd).


thnx! its working!