Modifying Sampler Style Patch?

Hi everyone,
Long (loooong) time lurker here!
I’ve been a proud Organelle owner for a couple of months now and i’m having a blast with it. I’m especially grateful to the handful of users that are heavily contributing to this here forum! What an inspiration! Good Job!
But still, as i’m carefully combing through every post here, I can’t seem to find the (easy) answer to a yet basic PD question (that some have already asked, i know i know):
I would like to modify the Sampler Style patch first so that each key is gated (sound on as long as the key is pressed) instead of being triggered and then (but that would be a luxury) adding an attack/release envelope (maybe if the keys are gated instead of triggered the Decay option will be enough).
That would make it very useful to play long synth/organ samples…that i would be happy to share if ever someone takes the time to help (and time is a scarce commodity, i know ;)) So if anybody is willing to tell me at least how i could go on about it (i’m currently still learning but i would take it upon me to finalise this first patch of mine), i would be soooo grateful!
Thanks everyone in advance, or should i say, thanks anyway!

Isn’t this the kind of thing Basic Sampler can do? or Samplenest?

If i’m not mistaken the Basic Sampler patch - while it does indeed have gated release and enveloppe control - works with one sample spread across the keyboard whereas Sampler Style assigns a sample per key…I also thought about modifying the Basic Sampler patch but it seemed even more difficult to achieve with only a beginner’s knowledge of PD. Samplenest is awesome and does a lot of cool things, but it is a little too complex for my needs, i guess? The Mellotron patch is also kind of doing it but has way too many options for what i need to do - all i need is basically to modify
Sampler Style’s release behaviour…

This has to be a pretty trivial modification, I wonder if I can do it. I’ll try tomorrow if I have time.

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That’s very kind of you! Thanx!