Sampling functionality/limitations?

You can stream samples from the SD / USB of unlimited length I think (SD or USB stick limitations apply). You are limited in terms of how the sample can be manipulated in Pd though.

This answer was for the Basic Sampler patch, but the distinction of writing to/reading from an array (RAM) or the USB drive applies to any record/play a file situation:

playing a sample with readsf~ is much different than tabplay~ lets be honest
one is for sample playing surely but the other is what people usually want and the limit is around 5 seconds with tabplay~

thanks for the replies. I’ve yet to receive the organelle to test this out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But is there a difference between the SD card and the USB slot? I was thinking of utilizing the SD card slot to save up the usb port for external controllers.

It be really sweet if I can playback longer samples! After having bought the korg miniKP2 (before the S) was really a disappointment, not being able to loop playback of samples. well at least it can work as a one-shot.

this can be done, i explain how here , but its a bit ‘challenging’ if your not used to linux :wink:

hopefully C&G will release an image where this is already done…
(we hoped to do this after OS 3.1 was released)

anyway for now, you can also use a USB hub to allow for more devices.

as for longer samples, basically it all comes down to what you want to do with them

recording/playing can be done direct to/from sdcard/usb of long lengths.

its limitations are you can only play/record forward in realtime e.g. no running backwards, editing, to do more than this you have to bring into memory.
also there will also be a bit of latency in triggering a sample when its coming from disk (should not be too bad though)

I will say many of these are just limitations of the externals used for direct disk playback, there is not really a technical reason that much more cannot be done off disk. but that needs a bit of C++/file system knowledge to implement.
(really surprised someone hasn’t done this for PD, is really not that hard)