Save an SSH private key?

Hoping for a bit of command-line-ish advice:

I have succeeded in sshing and scping to my Organelle, except that as configured the music account has a password but not a private key, which means I have to type a password every time I run one of those commands (or I have to get all grotty and simulate typing). It’d be great if, instead, I could store a private key with the music account (or set up an entirely separate account), and use that to authenticate. Unfortunately, /home/music is mounted on /dev/root, which is read-only.

Is there a reasonable way to get that set up? I am reluctant to try to modify the root FS, which I figure is RO for a good reason! (I’m comfortable navigating Posix-ish systems in general, I just don’t know enough about how the Organelle’s build works / is intended to work to be confident in not messing things up.)

If this isn’t straightforward today, then — to the Organelle devs — please consider this a feature request, e.g. maybe have a way to configure this via the web interface or something like that.

Just to be clear, I’d only ever use a purpose-made SSH key for this, because the Organelle isn’t exactly security-hardened!

Thanks for whatever help y’all can provide.

sudo ~/fw_dir/scripts/ 
... create your private key
sudo  ~/fw_dir/scripts/

I don’t think ssh keys are particular easy to handle for non-linux users, users tend to understand passwords easier - I think trying to explain private/public keys would be a support nightmare.
as you say, really there is little reason for organelle to be ‘secure’, its not like we are storing personal data on it… are we?

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First and foremost, thanks for the quick answer!

really there is little reason for organelle to be ‘secure’

Just don’t take one to DEF CON and turn on wi-fi… :grimacing:

(Less glibly: I understand the tactical tradeoffs necessary to get a product out the door, but I would still have preferred a bit more security by default.)

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