Orac 2 Saving Patches?

Hello everyone, new organelle user here! I have installed Orac 2 and it seems to be working really well, but I cannot figure out how to store a patch. I have followed all the instructions and watched technobear tutorials, yet when I store a patch and recall it, it always comes back blank. Is there a clear step-by-step tutorial on doing this? Thank you!

Hi! You will need to make sure that you click on the presets in the main menu from there you can save. Clicking just the ‘save’ will make that preset open on start. Clicking new preset will create a new one

Thank you for your reply,! I’ve done all those things. I am able to create a new preset, but what I’m finding is that none of the Orac slots get recalled- it just basically loads of blank patch. Ideas? Thanks!

Hmmm… It might be worth reinstalling Orac? I haven’t experienced that

Ok, will try reinstalling, thanks!