SD Card flashing

Hi, I’m absolutely new here and started my journey with NORNS Shield and now the ORGANELLE S.
I have problems getting my head around the whole closed system of Patches, Firmware and all that on the SDcard.
I tried to simply male a copy of the 8GB card onto a 16GB card to have some more space for resulting WAVfiles, etc. But that copy didn’t work. I guess there is more to it than just copying it. Any info about how I can make it work and the whole file system would be excellent. But I need the info in some kind of beginner language. I never went deeper into this subject.
Anyone able to help me out here?
Would be very much appreciated .

If you are using a different SD card, you will need to make sure the operating system is flashed on to the new one as well as the the organelle boots off of it. You can use USB drive to load patches if you want but I too have personally opted for the increased SD card size to save on USB ports.

You can use this guide in the documentation to for figuring out how to flash the operating system onto a new card.

As for navigating the file system, the Organelle is essentially a linux computer. I would recommend learning some basic commands for the terminal such as cd, ls, and learning how to use vim or nano (the included text editors). There is tons of information on linux out there so I won’t go into that. I would also learn about using the web server as that is the easiest way to transfer patches/files. There is a section on the web server in the documentation as well.

Basically with the file system, you have a patches folder where you can actually launch things from and a media folder that usually contains all the additional files patches may use (Orac for example makes heavy use of the media folder)

Thanks a lot for this very complete and informative message.
I will check all of this out first thing tomorrow morning.
Thank you super much and have a great weekend!