Segmenti but with changing each note's start/end?

Hi – I like the style of sampler that Segmenti provides, where a sample is sliced and each slice is assigned to a note. However, Segmenti only allows for changing the global start/end timestamps of the entire sample. I’m wondering if a patch exists that would allow me to change each individual note’s start/end timestamps? That would offer a much more fine-grained ability to control the slices.

Would be so cool. I would also be interested in modifying Segmenti to make this work, but I have very little pd knowledge. Would this be a good first project?

I recommend you try it but it might not be the best first project if you don’t have a lot of pd knowledge but there’s never harm in opening it up and taking a peak at it :slight_smile:

The issue is Segmenti uses a lot of C&G libraries that intertwine that you’ll have to look through and it can be a lot if you don’t know what you’re looking at. You will also have to think of how you want to approach the user interface. I would recommend you also take a look at Children of Sample since that has some functionality you could probably steal from.

If you are looking at getting a handle on PD, I found Andrew Browns Real Time Music and Sound with Pure Data series invaluable and still reference it. I recommend watching it in chronological order