Segmenti issues

Hi there,

I have watched the official video for Segmenti on Youtube, loaded it up, tried using it, and realized it behaves quite differently than the patch demoed on YouTube. Aux does not start recording, the sequencer starts on its own and cannot be stopped. All “white keys” when pressed with Aux call up the same menu with different numbers (are these state saves?). I am very confused. What am I missing?



Sorry for the confusion. We updated the Segmenti patch with the ‘Aux’ Menu since uploading the video.

If you press and hold ‘Aux’ you will see a menu on the OLED screen. To access the commands in the menu, you will need to press the corresponding ‘black key’. The low C# key selects the top left command and the high A# key selects bottom right command. The ‘white keys’ select one of 14 sequences.