Sending MIDI from Organelle to external synth with Arp-III

I have a great arp going in Arp-III and would like to send the notes to another synth via MIDI. I have a MIDI to TRS adaptor coming out of the OUT MIDI port on the Organelle and going to a MIDI cable plugged in to the MIDI in port on my Minilogue XD. The Minilogue picks up notes when I play them on the Organelle initially but does not seem to transmit the arp itself. Based on the demo of Arp-III on C&G’s YouTube page, this patch should continue sending notes if latched, right? Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

edit: this issue happens with any patch with a sequencer/sequence running.

@chrisk, oh dang, I didn’t realize this was your patch? Any insight you could offer?

I think the arpeggiated notes are sent out on MIDI Ch. 2 (sorry not in front of a Organelle ATM)

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Chris! Thank you! The arp notes transmit on ch 1. I didn’t even think of changing the midi channel on the receiving synth.

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