Organelle Juno 106 MIDI sync

Very much looking forward to buying an Organelle but have one query before doing so.

I have seen people use various keyboard as a controller for the Organelle, rather than using the built in button keys.

My question is, can you use it in reverse, can you use the Organelle to control a Keyboard via MIDI?

I would like to use the Arpeggiator patch on the Organelle to arpeggiate my Juno 106, but using the stock sound on the Juno rather than the ones on the Organelle.

Has anyone done anything similar or is there a particular patch to do this?


Sure this is possible. By default the Organelle sends out MIDI note and controller messages for the knobs and keys on channel 1. Patches can also send out additional messages of their own. For example Arpeggio Synth sends out the arpeggiated notes on MIDI channel 2. The manual details the Organelle’s default MIDI setup, and the patches page describes additional MIDI behavior.

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So I’ve purchased an Organelle (which I am loving) and I also picked up an E-MU Midi/USB interface. I cannot seem to get the above to work though, the Organelle to Arpeggiate information from the Juno. I initially thought it might have been an issue with the MIDI on the Juno but the Juno works perfectly with an SQ-1 sequencer (as does the organelle using the midi interface). I have tried all 15 or so midi channels on the Juno, both MIDI IN and Out (and each separate) on the Juno. The info page on the Organelle is reading that the E-MU is being detected, but no sign of the Juno.

Any idea what a possible solution is? I’ve been trying this primarily with the ARP SYNTH Patch, however the Juno does not even seem to respond as a controller for the Organelles audio.

Would I have to design a patch in PD for this? I’m pretty new to it so it may be a little out of my reach at the moment. There are sadly very little hardware arpeggiators on the market right now so I’d love to be able to use the Organelle as one.


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The Arpeggio Synth patch sends the arpeggios out on MIDI CH. 2.

The Organelle would only know it was connected to the E-MU USB/MIDI device. The E-MU handles the upstream & downstream connections and doesn’t tell the Organelle anything except MIDI information.

If the Organelle and Juno work with other devices as they should, are you sure you have the E-MU’s MIDI Out plug connected to the Juno’s MIDI in?

Hey Chris, is it possible to change the organelle’s arpeggiated notes to channel 1? I am using an Korg MS-20 mini and it only accepts notes on channel 1.
If so, where can I change this in the Arp PD patch…?

Thanks for you help!

MattW94, Have you figured this out?

Currently trying to use my Juno 106 as a controller for my organelles audio and cant seem to get it to work. Any thoughts?