Sequence/arp note out is NOT functioning..HELP!

Hi, I have had an organelle since it came out and i am not a newbee. I bought an emu mid 1x1 and it works great…however when i sequence something the out ports on the midi 1x1 no longer light up.
When i tap away on the organelle they i get note out data but not when sequencing or more importantly arpeggiating.
I tried installing the latest OS and found that there is now a midi out ch option in the settings at the top of the organelle. I changed the channel to 1 and still nothing.

Specifically I trying to run the organelle as a hardware sequencer/arp for a Korg MS-20 mini.
Can someone help, what am I doing wrong?


Perhaps try technobears modified OS, i think he’s sorted the midi issues
I think he could tell you for sure if it will solve your issue though.

If the MIDI is getting sent out as expected when you press the keys, everything is probably functioning properly.

What patch specifically are you using? By default the Organelle only sends out MIDI notes for key presses. A patch that does some kind of arpeggio, for example, might or might not send those notes out, depends on patch.

Yes I can confirm that the midi 1x1 lights up when i depress an organelle key. consequently the ms-20 plays a note.
What I am after is:

triggering the ms-20 with either arpeggio notes from the organelle ( for ex. the arpeggio synth that comes stock with the unit or the sequencer features in various programs such as analog style or sine surprises.

I am open to modifying patches should this functionality not be present. Any suggestions. I just the ms-20 to sing out in xoxo arpeggios xoxox.

thanks for any help.
@shreeswifty thanks i’ll take a look at the modified OS.

Hey Peeps, I tried the modified OS and now I am seeing lights on the Emu midi 1x1. However note data for the arpeggiator synth is still not being sent to the ms 20 mini. nor is sequenced data from analog style

still optimistic!

funny enough this patch seems to send sequencer data out correctly:
Rhythm Delay Dist
so I suppose I will try to analyze what is going in this and imitate it. any suggestions are welcome.

Hi! I’m stuck in the same issue. I know nothing on PD at the moment but i guess i could copy some code if the issue was fixed in another patch and easy to identify for a pd ignorant like me.
I would like all of the arpeggiated patches to send the arpeggiated notes out, not only the pressed keys to trigger that arpeggio. Did you find a solution? Could anyone point out a direction? Thanks a lot

In the Arpeggio Synth patch, arpeggiated notes are sent out on MIDI Channel 2 by default. (You can easily change this channel number in the patch’s PD file)