Septavox Guitar Strap Odyssey

Really wanted to be able to pace around nervously while playing my Septavox, even had dreams of one day playing it while jamming with others. Obviously I needed some sort of strap/rope/complicated-series-of-pullys-and-levers to achieve this.
Bought some guitar strap buttons and took the back case off my septavox. Instead of doing the button install then and there i chose to play it “naked” for a month while i spun my wheels looking for my drill. Septavox is considerably lighter w/out that backing piece, but it was causing my gf some anxiety seeing it all naked and vulnerable.
Eventually gave up on finding my drill and literally hand drilled the bit into the spots i’d chosen in the Septavox’s back plate (well the siding of the back plate). It looks pretty ok in my opinion, the black guitar strap buttons match my yellow septavox’s black hardware nicely and it looks ALMOST like it came from the factory this way.
Today i buy a guitar strap!

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That’s great! We have one of these synth chains in the shop!

Have fun with the Septavox!