Septavox has inaudible line level audio output

I’ve had my Septavox for a while now but have had it in the box since shortly after I purchased it because the line output has issues. If I connect it to a mixer or an audio interface I can not hear anything. Even when I turn the volume all the way up, it doesn’t put out an audible line level signal. The only way I’ve been able to get anything audible from it is to set an input on my interface to instrument level instead of line level. At that point I can actually hear it, but it sounds rough.

Any idea what might be causing this? Is there possibly some loose connection inside causing the output to not be properly amplified? I emailed Critter & Guitari about it years ago shortly after buying it and didn’t really get much help. The guy pretty much just told me that I was getting audio from it some way so it seems to be working. Not every piece of gear I would connect it to can take instrument level signals, and it sounds bad. I didn’t really have the option to return it, because it was some final sale, no refund deal from Third Man Records.

I know it’s weird to be inquiring about this years after buying it, but I’m going through my gear to figure out what I want to keep and am still bummed that I never even had an opportunity to like the Septavox. I’m hoping I can figure out a solution to finally play around with it.

unfortunately i had the same experience with mine. i even thought it was broken and sent it back for repair… and they sent it back to me and said that’s how its supposed to be. i got some sort of battery powered output jack thing but even that didn’t work as the plug was not deep enough. sadly i just ended up selling it on ebay.

That’s a bummer. I tried selling mine as-is on Reverb years ago but nobody made an offer. I thoroughly explained my experience with it, even including the response I got from C&G in the listing, but I just got a lot of questions from people not understanding what line level and instrument level meant. After so many responses I started to feel like I was listing something that would only disappoint and frustrate whoever purchased it so I took it down and hoped I’d one day figure out how to fix it.