Septavox Swell for 201 Pocket Piano?

Hey everyone. I have exactly 0 experience with PD and was wondering if anyone can point me to some good tutorials so I can maybe accomplish this.

I have a Septavox and am really digging the Swell (tealish blue color) mode and would love to have it on my 201. Does anyone know how I’d get started creating this in PD? Or if it’s even possible?

Thank you!

ps does anyone know how to slow the tempo even further on the 201? would I have to do it on PD? not sure if that’s possible. thanks!

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I’m also very much interested in slowing the overall tempo down on the 201PP. I thought I could achieve that by selectively editing some patterns, but wasn’t successful. I think I’d rather edit the master tempo.

yeah i agree. that shouldn’t be too hard to do? I’ll see if I can find anything about it. Just want it really slow for more ambient stuff.

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Or perhaps if the community follows Max’s lead, use Shift + Tempo knob slow tempo down 10x or so.

I’ve actually been messing around with that idea! I was thinking a clock divider/multiplier would be really sweet. Pretty sure the [pd metronome] subpatch of mother.pd is where modifications need to happen.

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Awesome! I think it may be possible for some additional toggles:

The “thru” pattern seems like an opportunity. In that when a pattern is selected a second time, it turns the pattern off (in other words it reverts back to Thru). Then a completely different pattern could also be stored in the 6 slot pattern bank, without losing the basic mode. Right now we only have 5 patterns because Thru has to occupy a slot.

And it would be nice if Shift could be used to toggle between the Sequencer First mode and the as-shipped Sequencer mode. Perhaps Shift + Latch + Seq Transport button? Shift + Latch would of course latch by priority, but if Seq Transport was added to the held button combo, it would toggle the Sequencer priority in mother. Of course, it may be necessary to restart mother afterwards. But this would be so nice to change this fundamental mode without tethering to something else to create the change. In other words, instead of swapping out mother, is it possible to toggle between two different sequencer implementations or is it much more tightly integrated than that?

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Yes, that is correct. If you want to scale the tempo knob you can change the numbers at the top left of the [pd metronome] sub patch.

Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 2.52.54 PM

The tempo knob (like all the knobs) goes from 0 to 1. Currently it scales this to a BPM from 50 to 250. If you wanted it to start at 1 BPM, change [+ 50] to [+ 1]


@oweno thanks for clarifying!!