SEQ3 Problem (pls help)

Hi everyone,
really need help with this sequencer.
I use Orac, seq3 is on b1 and c1 modules controlling two synth voices with effects.
Everything fine until I play one sequence for each sequencer but anytime I add a new sequence something weird happen, most of the time the new sequence erase the previous and it copies itself on all the 14 slot available… So frustrating and almost impossible to work on an evolving music idea.

Anyone with the same problem?
Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

(OrganelleM / Orac 2.0 / Updated recently to last firmware)



yes Marco!
I have the same issue in SEQ3 used in Orac:
when recording any pattern - all the patterns become clone of the recorded pattern…
anyone could fix this ?!?!

I’m testing different preset to see if something changes.
Seq3 is out of control in my case.
It also copy the last pattern recorded on the previous track.
Loosing all the work done before…

possible quick workaround: duplicate and rename seq3 ?

not working, same problem.
Thanks for your suggestion!

thanks Chris!
i’ll try it in the morning!:slight_smile:

chrisk: thank you! it works great now.
one minor nag (but maybe its on purpose) is that when returning in its screen in Orac,
the seq3 display is empty… but its not a big issue. it functions as it should.

Thanks for trying it out.

Yes, that screen being blank is annoying, but it is a result of how Orac tracks (or doesn’t) encoder presses. We have two options:

  1. Leave it as it is
  2. Remove the text altogether (so screen would always be blank except for Sequence Status line at bottom or when Aux Menu was called).

What do you think?


  1. will do.

it works great as it is.

Got it - thanks!

Is it possible that other than the previous version this updated version of seq3 runs out of sync or does not quantise on quarter notes?

i am facing same problem, how can i solve this

Hi @sunil808 - which problem are you facing?

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