Seq3 in ORAC2 is Unusable

I’m having serious issues with seq3 in ORAC2. If I try to record any sort of sequence, when I hit the arm button to finish recording, the sequence starts a beat late every time.

I know C&G had this exact issue with seq3 and they fixed it recently. So the update must not have carried over to the ORAC version of seq3. Does anyone know a fix?

use the ORAC module called ‘sequences’ on patch storage instead in meantime. it’s a reworked version of seq3. syncs well with same functionality.


That’s interesting. I’m not using ORAC at the minute, but I have external midi clock coming in, seq3 (in non-ORAC patches) does what you say - come in late. I put it down to the quantising feature and found a workaround.

Sounds like it may be the same symptom, and maybe has the same cause.

I’m using ORAC2, always problem with Seq3.
Posted a month ago about this issue, It seems nobody can fix it.
No sequencer means throwing the nice organelle in the garbage for me.

Have you got all the patches up to date? The other advice I got here was that Seq3 was fixed at some point.

My fix was to use a jack-midi cable rather than a usb-midi cable.

Multicycle is a beast of a sequencer thats worth learning to use in orac.

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Try these :+1:


Sorry for the delay. We just uploaded a revised seq3.
Download here:

When you get a moment, please try it out and let us know how it goes. Thanks!


This works way better!! Thank you :sparkling_heart: