New Patches w/ Sequencer 3 - Overdub, Undo, 14 Sequences, Knob Recording, MIDI Sync, Transport Control


Sequencer 3 is now fully operational (out of beta)! To celebrate, here’s a new thread and two patches!

First of all, thanks your help testing and your ideas to make the sequencer better! (Here’s the original thread in case you need it for something. :thinking:) Sequencer 3 started out being just about syncing sequences to clock and implementing MIDI transport control, but ended up with a new Aux Button-based function menu plus the abilities to overdub/undo and store fourteen sequences!

The first two patches to include Sequencer 3 are Basic Poly and Arpeggio Synth. (UPDATED FEB 10!!)
They’re pretty straightforward which is why we released them first. There’s a lot going on with the new Sequencer. It will:

  1. Quantize your sequences to the nearest quarter note if you’re sending MIDI clock or have a Link session going.
  2. Store 14 Sequences
  3. Let you Overdub new notes on your selected sequence
  4. Let you Undo an Overdub if you make a mistake
  5. Respond to MIDI Transport Control

Before getting deeper into the features, it’s important to understand that the Aux button is the main controller for this module. Pressing the Aux button will bring up an on-screen menu with a list of functions. These functions correspond to the ‘black’ keys on the Organelle. So if you press and hold Aux, you can then press one of the black keys to choose that function. The C# key selects the top left function The order moves from top left to bottom left; then top right to bottom right. The Function menu can also be used to control aspects of the patch such as select waveform.

How these four features work:

1. Quantized Sequences
If you send the patch MIDI clock from external device, the sequencer will quantize the playback length to nearest quarter note of that incoming tempo. If you are not sending clock, the sequence is played back as you recorded it. The quantization happens during playback, not record. So:

  • If you record a sequence without a Clock/Link present and then connect a Clock/Link and play the sequence, the sequence length will be quantized to nearest quarter note.
  • If you record a sequence with a Clock/Link present and then disconnect the Clock/Link and play the sequence, the sequence length will be as you recorded it.

2. Store Multiple Sequences
You can save/recall 14 independent sequences! They are stored on the keyboard’s ‘white’ keys. To change the designated preset key/slot:

  1. Hold Aux and select a white key. A number (1-14) will then be displayed on screen to indicate this change and you can release Aux and key. If you hold Aux again, you will see that the function keys reflect that change. For example, if you set the record/playback destination to #7 (low B key) the sequencer controls along the left column will have ‘7’ as the prefix. If you change the sequence destination/slot, the prefix will change.
  2. Press Aux + Function Key 2 (low D# key) to Record a new sequence to your selected slot. The sequences are autosaved as soon as you end recording by pressing Aux.

3. Overdub
The sequencer now supports note overdubbing! It works like this:

  1. Select your record destination from one of the 14 white keys
  2. Optional: Use Aux + Function Key 2 (low D# key) to Record a new sequence. Recording starts as soon as you play a note, send a note from external MIDI device, or turn a knob. Press Aux to end recording.
  3. When you’re ready to record an overdub on top of an existing recording, press Aux and low F# key (Function Key 3) to overdub. A three second countdown begins and then the sequence starts playing from the beginning and any new activity is recorded. Press Aux to end overdub. You may shorten the original by pressing Aux before the sequence loops. You may make the overdubbing longer than the original if you let it loop before pressing Aux.

Overdubs are saved when you end recording. You may overdub as many times as you like. If there is MIDI clock from external source present, the length of playback of overdubbed recording will be quantized to nearest quarter note. If no clock, playback length will be as you recorded it.

4. Undo
If you don’t like your Overdub, you can press Aux & Function Key 4 (low G# key) to undo your overdub. There is one level of undo and once you do it, the Function screen will say ‘Undid’. There is no undo the undo (redo).

5. MIDI Transport Control
Sequencer 3 will respond to the following MIDI messages:

  • Start Message: Will Start the sequence from the beginning (even if you have already started it (kind of a rewind))
  • Stop Message. Stops sequence wherever it is in time.
  • Continue Message: Right now this message acts like a Start message.

Let us know how it goes!


Can’t wait to try this. It takes the Organelle to a whole new level!

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sounds excellent, really look forward to trying this out !
thanks @chrisk

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thanks for the updates!

there’s a note shift again in the arp synth… when you try to record a sequence where is a note at the first step (one) the whole sequence shifts again a sixteenth note to the right (like on version 1). if you don’t “catch” the one everything is fine and the sequence plays normal like while playing… so no one but the rest is fine.

another thing… when I save a instance of the patch in the menu with a new recorded sequence and run the patch again, the sequence is gone and something strange is playing… hope you find out what’s happening, the patch would be so cool;)

is it maybe possible to have a third option in the quantize menu (16/8/non quantized?) to let the notes quantization of the underlying sequence (not the arpeggio) unchanged so that only start (first note) is synced?

cheers, jan

Hi @jani
Thanks for the notice. We just updated the patches. Please use the link in the first post to download the new versions.

This should be fixed

This should be fixed

The 16/8 selector in the Function menu controls how quickly the arpeggiation happens (on the 16th or 8th notes). If you’d like less, you can press keys for shorter amount of time during sequencing.

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Hey Chris thank you!

sorry for the last question before… didn’t make sense.

playing back saved sequences seems normal now but there’s still something going wrong when i save an instance (save as)… it writes another patch but overwrites the original as well (like save only).

shifting is like in the version before… tried to play a sequence beginning at one (for testing only some notes with rests over a bar or two), then on playback the whole sequence it is shifted a sixteenth note to the right. don’t know what I’m doing wrong:( it’s somehow not possible to playback normal with a “one” in the sequence… when there’s a rest on the first note playback is normal without shifting.

overdubbing is adding notes (filling rests) i haven’t played before on playback… first thing I noticed here.

would nondestructive quantization be possible with the basic poly seq3? that would be awesome!!

I just saw there’s an update (feb10)… now in the arp seq there’s no sound coming out and no Ableton link sync possible.

sorry just one thing… no sound when “double double” in the arp menu is selected. the other modes work normal. besides that no glitch anymore, the feb-11-update did it, many thanks!!

I’ve been trying to use the new sequencer patches (and the older sequencer 2 eg in ‘Sampler Style Delay’) with my Mood Minitaur.

When I press the keys I see the Moog’s midi activity led lighting up but no notes are triggered. If I record a sequence I then the notes are triggered.

2 questions:

  1. How do I modify the patch to be able to hear the notes?
  2. How could I change the octave for the keyboard?


What MIDI channel are your Organelle and your Mood set to?

The ‘Mood’ :grinning: and Organelle are both set to midi channel 1

Haha - was just quoting you! :smile:

Are you using the Minitaur’s MIDI DIN connector or USB-MIDI Jack?
What OS is your Organelle?

We don’t have a Minitaur to try unfortunately. Since you are describing problems with both the older Seq2 and newer Seq3 it seems like there might be a setting on the Minitaur that is causing this. Can you reset the Minitaur’s input channel using the steps on page 20 of the manual: and see how it goes?

I’m using the midi Din on the Moog. Happy to do the midi reset thing but I should mention that the patch below works fine for both playing midi notes and playing back a recorded sequence.

My hunch was that I could do some lifting and shifting but it’s beyond my pd knowledge.

I think I may have misunderstood your question. The Organelle’s keyboard is mapped to MIDI Notes 60-83. The Minitaur ignores notes above 72. So if you play the Organelle’s lower octave, do you hear all the notes?

You can also try this

Hi - just want to report that seq 3 patch is still not syncing properly with other gear via transport.

While I love and appreciate the fact that this may be a work in progress, and by no means a necessary endeavor on the part of C&G (I’m sure many don’t care about sync/transport), I’m sad that I can’t use the organelle with other gear in many of the ways I’d like to.

Any hints on MIDI sync to clock here? Feel like I must be missing something obvious…

In the beta demo ( ) you are overdubbing without the 3 sec count-in which makes it more suited for live use. Also it’s easier to stay in the flow and timing of the loop without interruptions.

I haven’t looked at the PD patch but it’s probably possible to get rid of the count-in when overdubbing?

Yes, this is in the Sequencer 3 code.

Hey, I just wanted to know if someone has found a solution to this problem. I have the same here, and I don’t know how to deal with. Thanks ^^

I’m trying to add options into the menu in a patch I’m working on using seq 3, could anyone help me? I can’t figure out where the menu text is coming from so I don’t know how to properly add to it.