Sequencing external synth and FX processing

I am looking for a patch/solution, preferably in ORAC, to sequence an external synth (very basic, tempo, octaves, sequence recording) via midi out and process the incoming audio of that synth with some fx back into the organelle.

I could´t find a way to do this together, only one thing at a time.
Can you help me?

Thanks so much.

Hi Andre,
I’m not sure i understand well “I could´t find a way to do this together, only one thing at a time.”
But you could try a chain with 1st module sequencer ( U - Seq2 / U -Seqsync for exemple) and then FX on module 2, 3 ,etc… Be sure to configurate midi out on the correct channel and to activate the input gain (by default the input gain is 0%). So this way you cand sequence external synth and add FX on the sound


I didn´t have these Seq modules. Thanks so much. Now sequencing and FX works. Now what I still didn´t found is a transpose module. Is there something like that? The notes provided by the wooden keys are too high for my synth…

Thanks. Andre.

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Cool :slight_smile:
By defaut the lower key of organelle is 60. Some sequencers can transpose notes (as polystep, euclid, … ) but I’ve no idea how to do that with Seq 2. Maybe @thetechnobear could help you ?

there is currently no transpose module, it would be simple enough to create …

the alternative is to use an external keyboard, as the note range is a limitation of how the organelle keys are mapped, rather than the sequencer.

(its a bit odd that midi note 60 is too high for your synth though, as thats middle C … can you not transpose your synth down?)

Unfortunately I can´t transpose the 0-coast down enough, only 12 semitones. In the orac modules thread one person suggested to have transpose mapped to two unused keys. That would be cool. Maybe the new seq3 find it´s way into the orac universe.

Hello guys,

I am also trying to add a transpose option to seq2 (orac 2.0), in order to play lower notes on an external synth. I have so far successfully added a transpose parameter in the json and It all seems to be working fine. As you can see in the screenshot: the keyboard sent note 74 and after adding a transpose of +10 it is now 84. However, no notes will play if I add the transpose. I have to directly connect the “list append 0” to “s notesOut-1$” to get any sound.

Any ideas how I could get this to work?