(Solved) Trouble with syncing tempo between Organelle & Op-Z

Thank you. Last question: can you send the midi clock from the op-z with just enabling midi clock out and not midi out on the op-z?

Yes it works as long as clock out is active on the Op-Z (You can turn everything else on/off dosen’t change anything). One important thing is also that you have to connect the OP-Z and turn it on before you open the Patch on the Organelle, otherwise the organelle dosen’t recognize it. (usually i have the Organelle and the Op-z connected, than i boot up the organelle. Next i turn on the Op-Z and last i open a patch).
The only strange behaving patch i found so far is Punchy HRando Fx but the other ones i tried so far seem to work fine.

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Ok I’ve solved this problem… I cannot really understand the logic, but I had a feeling it was because of my PSU… I had a PSU to power the Organelle that was below 1000 ma, and everytime I plugged the OP-Z with USB in the Organelle and turn on the op-z, it drew too much power and the Organelle had to boot again and again, until I do the trick on the op-Z to shut down the usb power function.
I bought a 1000 ma PSU for the organelle, and now everything works like a charm. I don’t know enough to explain how it affects midi clock, but it now works. Tempo is recognized properly. It probably makes sense for some people here! Maybe it’s the fact the Organelle properly boots before the op-Z. is turned on. Thanks to everyone for the help, and I hope it will at least help some other people here! :sweat_smile: