Midi Clock right bpm, wrong time


I have my organelle syncing through midi out to my Volca FM and Volca Sample
however using any sequencer patch within orac or outside is always off (unless I’m using Seq1)
Using metronomes I have determined that there usually is a delay between the organelle’s click and the volca’s click (the volcas perfectly sync bpm and timing).

Changing BPM makes everything speed up respectively but the organelle’s beat is in the wrong spot (between system reboots I noticed that the organelle’s positioning changes however while it is running its wrong position remains consistent)

is this meant to be the case?

I’m curious which clock you are using in Orac when syncing with volca sample and FM.
Have you downoaded and installed this patch for Orac?

Using this as the clock master helped me a lot with syncing.

yeah I am using that clock module, I also tried transport in fixing this and it has the same issue, also should mention that outside of orac I used the metronome utility and it has the same issue so I don’t think its orac specific

The only thing that I can think of (you may have as well) is for the FM and Sampler you can do a deep dive to tweak their clock setting if i remember well enough. Maybe theres something happening between fm and samplers midi with organelle. Are they both recieving simultaneous flashes

Ohhhh so through some testing it appears that the devices don’t care where the beat is, only that the bpm matches (which is kind of annoying) so I have to sync up the play button on the volcas to actually get it in sync. unfortunately there is no clock reset function as far as I can see on the organelle.

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