SP404-style long sample playback

You should take a look at how the keys are split in this patch:
Keyboard’s lower octave controls the samples. The upper octave controls the synth. You can control the mix between the two keyboard octaves if you put the crossfader between the output of the simple objects (the synth voices) and the catch~ samp_voice_out (the sampler voices)

On second thought, you don’t need to look at that other patch.

  1. Create a copy of the sampler-voice.pd (e.g. sampler-voice2.pd). Use the first one for lower octave (keys 0-11), the second for the upper octave (keys 12-23).
  2. Change the throw~ samp_voice_out object in the sampler-voice2.pd to throw~ samp_voice_out2.
  3. In main.pd, add a catch~ samp_voice_out2 object and add a crossfade between catch~ samp_voice_out and catch~ samp_voice_out2
  4. In main.pd change the upper 12 of the sampler-voice objects to sampler-voice2
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Thanks @chrisk it works !
I plan to use knob2 to control the crossfader, and deactivate the release time that it is controlling at the moment in the samplervoice patch. I don’t need it since in my setup I plan to play all along the wav files.

So in my sampler-voice subpatches, what should I remove concerning the release time so that it doesn’t interfer?

And also, would it be possible to configure the keys so that they act just as the AUX button, as a start/stop for the wav file?

EDIT : I think I found how to start/stop files, I’ll do some more testing on the patch but it should be quite ok at this point. :sunny:

Great - Have fun!

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I’ve been using my patch succesfully in a live concept, so I think it can be shared now, this is my first patch, so probably some things could be ameliorated…
Thanks @chrisk for your good advices.


I found this patch a few days ago and it’s just what I was looking for (stereo, long samples) with one minor caveat: I’d prefer if the buttons worked as triggers as in the original Beats and Pieces, instead of On/Off switches. Is there any chance that you could share an alternative version with the buttons as triggers, or point me in the right direction to change it in PD?

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Well, I spent a lot of time working on it but didn’t practice on pd since then, not sure I know right now, but I’ll have a look in the patch, I hope I find back how it works :slight_smile:

That would be awesome, thank you very much!