Startup problem!

hmm. It is also strange that it gets to 20% and then starts over, I haven’t heard of that before, it resets and starts counting from 0% again? That could be some kind of power problem, are you using the supplied adapter?

Also, if you are able to plug in a monitor or TV the Organelle spits out a bunch of messages as it boots that might shed light on what is happening…

wanted to check the screen today,
started up and it’s works like nothing happend…weird, guess it was a SD card thing…
let you know if it pops up again, thanks anyway


this happened to me but just fixed it

My organelle was mistakenly up plugged from the wall without with out being shut down properly
Now it won’t start up and load
It’s gets to 99% and stops
Or it gets to 34% and starts over
Did I destroy micro sd card?
The organelle worked perfectly until this happened


I’m currently having the same problem. I’ve tried re-inserting the microSD with no luck. Is there any other way to fix this problem?

I have the same problem. It came with this out of the box.
First it boots to 30% and restart over and over. After re-powering it stucks at 99%.
Very frustrating. I also tried to reinstall patches and mounting the 2.1 Firmware ISO on the sd with no luck and difference in the booting process. :frowning:

not making any promises but try this: using a tiny paper clip on the back of the organelle there is a tiny slot where the main SDcard (not the USB) card sits press gently and eject it, then re seat it. Fingers crossed

If it is starting over and over at 30% this might be a power problem. Are you using the included adapter? Do you have any other adapters to try?

Thanks shreeswifty & oweno for the reply.
So, as many others I ejected rejected it a lot of times. And of course I had to when I mounted the new firmware on :wink: .

this is a good hint. I used a “third party” power adapter, but it should work - all needed parameters are identical.
However, I’ve to buy an adapter because I’m staying in Germany and the included one isn’t for our power plugs.
I hope it will work, otherwise I’m more frustrated because of spending more money for nothing (Btw, a great song…).
Will do that next week and report if this helped.

Thx again,

You are my man! You are right, I bought an adapter and it works! Great.
It’s really strange that it won’t work correctly with the other one…

Thx, you made me happy.


Hey everyone. Sorry for bringing this topic back to the top but I also had a similar problem. My Organelle froze and now it’s always frozen at “starting at 99%”. I removed the SD card and reinserted it several times with no luck. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks.

does it do this when the USB stick is not inserted?
it it does it only when USB stick is present then try a different USB stick.

more than likely this is not the case though…

in which case, the next course of action(*) is to try to re-write the sdcard image…
id preferably use a new sdcard at the same time - just because they are cheap, and it simulatenosly removes the possibility of an sdcard failure.

this is covered here:

this will almost certainly cure the issue…

(I should point out that the Organelle “freezing” would not normally corrupt the sdcard , its even pretty unlucky for it to corrupt the usb card … but perhaps you were just ‘unlucky’)

(*) if you have decent linux experience, then you could connect an HDMI monitor, and see if its even booting - and whats happening - but even if this is possible, your going to need some reasonable linux skills to sort it out - and frankly its more effort than rebuilding the image :wink:


Sorry to hear this! What patch were you using when it froze?

Just to be sure, when reinserting the microSD card, you gently push until you hear/feel a click, correct?

The assessment from @thetechnobear is correct - reflashing the Organelle’s OS should fix it. Have you been able to try this?

Dear @chrisk and @thetechnobear,
thank you for your replies.
I just bought a new MicroSD card (SanDisk microSDHC 16gb) and I did every step as told but unfortunately still frozen at 99%… The patch was “Long samples player Stereo”. I used the latest link for the disk image “20180529-v3” and the card is 16gb so it should work. Can you maybe give me any other suggestion?


Just to be sure, when reinserting the microSD card, you gently push until you hear/feel a click, correct?

Can you try connecting an HDMI cable to the Organelle and a TV/monitor and then powering on the Organelle? The Organelle should be printing its boot up process to the screen.

Dear @chrisk,
Yes, it does the click. I connected to a TV and this is what it says. I absolutely have no idea what to do so any help would be great from you guys @chrisk and @thetechnobear.

Any help please?

its a really weird one…

this is a really low level error, its looks like it cannot read the sdcard at all…
how did you write the image to the sdcard ? did you use something like ?

(you cannot just copy the image to the sdcard , it has to be written as an image using an appropriate tool)

if the image is correct… then Id guess a hardware fault - but that certainly cannot happen by not shutting down correctly…

@thetechnobear thanks for your reply! Yes I used Etcher and a 16gb sdcard. Is there any solution?

Thanks for sending that photo. Yes, this is a very strange error. I think the best thing to do would be to send it in so we can take a look. Please contact us here: