Stereo help (LFO Delay, Arpeggio Sampler, etc)


I’m a new Organelle user, found some great patches so far but not being acquainted with PD is holding me back on a specific issue. I would like to eventually turn the patches I use the most (sampling ones) into proper stereo tools, so I can send in a stereo signal and get both signals processed separately opposed to be summed as most currently are.

Taking as an example the LFO Delay patch, thinking it could be done by duplicating the current main delay section and then routing the L in/out into one and the R in/out into another? Could even tweak them slightly so you’d get a subtle processing variation on the other channel.

I was wondering if someone was kind enough to shed some light on this, sounds like it should be a relatively simple task but not knowing the language makes it look impossible to me. Hoping that by checking how to do it on this one, I could eventually try and apply a similar method on a few other patches I like.


yes, split the incoming stream with adc~ 1 and adc~ 2 which pd will consider L, R and then you would indeed have to individual streams you can do anything you want with


This organelle specific method allows the volume knob to control output without additional patching I think.

The L/R inputs come in separately perfectly fine, still haven’t managed to get them out separately. They get summed somewhere along the way… I’ve tried separating the left and the right in/outs into separate audio-in and audio-out boxes but doesn’t work.
Here’s the main.pd input/output section:

I’m guessing that is because both channels get mixed when they go into the delay part of the patch?
How would you link separate L/R inputs into this and then get them out separately as well (even if the delay process is exactly the same for both)?
(LFODelay.pd below)

You could duplicate the whole signal chain and just have them only share control elements, but maybe there’s another way?

Thanks, finally got it to work! It required moving the inputs Left and Right from the main.pd file into the LFODelay.pd file… wasn’t sure that would work but it did. Here’s how:

Now batting with the Arpeggio Sampler, looks a little trickier…