Spectral Delay Patch

Another rework for Organelle.


Just plug something in and play with the knobs. Lovely spectral delay sounds should happen.


This is great! I was actually playing with the same patch. I wanted to build the spectral delay into a vocoder.

It would be cool to have the knobs adjust the delay profile in some way too (the del-sin and fb-sin boxes).

I think I would have to understand what’s going on with this patch a bit more to do that!!

Playing with this on the computer in PD kept cutting out the delay completely when fiddling too much with settings for the sin boxes - so it’s not an easy patch to “hack” (for a beginner with PD at least).

also, I noticed there are 2 of the spectral sub-patches on top of each other in main.pd. Only one is connected to input/output, but the other one will still be running and consuming CPU. (this is common problem in Pd when you copy and paste something, it pastes right on top of original, so it is easy to inadvertently end up with two of something) .

Thanks. Think I’ve fixed it now and know to read the text file of a PD to double check stuff now. Also that might have been part of issues I had with hacking this.

Still chucks up a few errors in the log but sounds good. Let me know if you spot anything else!

This is great. I searched for Spectral Delay and someone has already done a bunch of the leg Work, awesome.
I was going to use this patch as a way to “get familiar” with the conversion process from existing patches to working organelle ones.

I am also very interested in an external called convolve~ which sounds great in an instrument with a Cheby 4 pole Filter and a non linear impulse driven reverb room. That leads me to another question about loading IRs/samples and .pdrcs which i will post in another threadi guess, not sure how busy this forum is

this patch is simple and sounds great i am excited someone converted this one! Perfect for the device i assume.