Supercollider DX7 Patch

Hey! Trying to load this supercollider DX7 patch Accurate Yamaha DX-7 Emulation Using Supercollider | Patchstorage on the organelle 1.

has anyone done this successfully?

so I installed the supercollider for organelle that technobear put up SuperCollider Installer (SC_Install) | Patchstorage by putting it in my patch directory and installing it via the organelle. i then installed his simple poly patch that he put up as a test, and it worked!!

what i’m struggling with is getting the dx7 supercollider patch to work. i put the zip file in the organelle directory, installed it via the organelle put nothing shows up. when i go into my patches folder on my computer, i can see two files, dx7.sfc and dx7.afx, but these do not appear on the organelle interface.

am i doing something wrong? has anyone got this patch to work?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I have never tried SC but I guess the issue has to do with how the output is handled. Or also the naming convention thing…
For instance, is not enough that you put a pd patch in a folder. the main patch has to be called “main.pd” in order to be opened from the organelle controls.
I would try first to make it work using VNC or display / keyboard. if it works that way then it’s a matter of renaming or adding the “” or whatever is called.