Supercollider + Organelle: Several questions

Hello everyone!

A couple of days ago I decided to buy an Organelle M. I already have an Organelle 1, but the option of having 2 and working with a little more power seems very interesting to me. I have made a few patches in PD to date, but have recently entered the world of SC. However, I have some doubts about the integration of SC in Organelle. My doubts are:

1- Can the patches of the Organelle be executed to be able to edit them live as with Pure Data, connecting a keyboard, mouse and screen to the HDMI port? It would be very interesting to avoid having to remove the pen drive, modify it in the computer, reinsert it in the Organelle, … etc.

2- Is there a “mother” patch with the configurations of buttons, aux, knobs, oled, … etc? I downloaded one a few days ago but Organelle can’t seem to run it and it gives me an error. I have downloaded the “Simple Poly” from The Tecno Bear but have only managed to implement the knobs and keys.


Supercollider is installed on the Organelle M but it is not completely working, it is a bit experimental at this stage. There are few threads on the forum describing what is required to get it working.

Hi @oweno !

Thanks for the answer. I’ve already installed the Firmware mod on the Organelle-M and SC is working!