Support for chromecast on eyesy?

I’ve just wondering if is it possible this.
Would be interesting when you need some distance from Eyesy and video projector, or if you need some home test and working on the wireless confort.

Don’t think it can be done

This thread is a bit old but it explains some of the issues:

I think I didn’t explain fine… sorry.
In example: I have my computer and a beamer conected to chromecast. My computer can send thru wifi media content to chromecast and I could watch that media on my beamer.
My question is if is it possible send media content from Eyesy the same way, because I have wifi in my Eyesy. That reddit thread didn’t answer my question.

Chromecast is not built into the EYESY.

In your setup, there is a browser plugin (or some other software) on your computer which sends to the Chromecast receiver.

This chromecast sending software does not exist on EYESY. (and is not something which could be easily added)

I think the only real solution would be some kind of wireless HDMI thing (as mentioned in that reddit thread).