Can the EYESY be routed into my computer to be further processed with either TouchDesigner or Max?

Hello folks!

I am considering buying an EYESY but I am not exactly sure how I would go about connecting the HDMI OUT into my computer to further process the pygame patches with TouchDesigner or use in collaboration with vSynth in Max.

Is what I am trying to do possible? Do I require some sort of adaptor that I am unware of? I understand that the HDMI OUT should be connected into a proyector, monitor or screen but how do I get the HDMI stream into my computer (using a MacBook Pro)?

Any advice would be helpful!

Hi - thank you for your interest! Yes it is possible to use the HDMI (or composite) output from the EYESY in other VJ, editing, etc., programs. This section of the manual covers the basics of getting the video signal into your computer.

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Thanks a lot, that was just what I needed! I guess I need to buy a USB capture stick.