Sustain pedal functionality

I’ve added sustain pedal functionality to the mother patch. With this, the 201PP will sustain notes if it receives a MIDI sustain parameter value. The new patch is available on Patch Storage and also on GitHub. I’m sharing it in case anyone else finds it useful.


I was very happy to use my 201PP as a synth taking MIDI notes from my digital piano. Unfortunately when I use the sustain pedal on the digital piano it doesn’t do any sustaining - instead, it just passes MIDI CC values to the 201PP. So I had to adapt the mother patch to interpret those MIDI values.

The result is a new mother patch, and it has just one extra step, which is entirely self-contained (so it’s easy to copy and paste, if you don’t want to use the whole of this mother.pd file).

It’s also quite fun and handy to use a sustain pedal with one of the patterns.

I would be very, very happy if the nice people Critter & Guitari chose to incorporate this as standard into the mother patch. Then it would be available to everyone, and continue to live in future versions of the mother patch.

If this was to happen then I would also suggest it would benefit from some configuration values in the midi.txt file. These might be: which CC parameter is sustain; maybe what the threshold is for sustain being on. Currently these are set at the MIDI default values (both 64, as it happens). I didn’t include this kind of configuration because I wanted it to all be self-contained. Currently changing the sustain configuration means editing the patch. However, if it was to be an official addition, then of course config via midi.txt would be preferable.

This sounds cool, looking forward to checking it out. There is some work going on with a new version of mother.pd, so we’ll look at adding this in there!


That would be wonderful if so. And do let me know if I can provide any help along the way.

Hey, does this forward the sustain pedal to midi out as well? I started using my 201 as a fancy USB to midi converter, so i can play whatever synth with my e-piano (which only has USB out for Midi)

Hi there. I don’t actually have the connectors to test this, but the patch doesn’t change any MIDI out messaging from the original. So it should send to MIDI out whatever the original mother patch sends to MIDI out.

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ok, @oweno maybe look into this when adding the sustain pedal functionality to the official mother patch? :wink:

Hello again. I’ve now performed some brief testing with this.

This patch does not forward sustain pedal MIDI input to MIDI out. This is the same behaviour as the original mother patch.

The patch does send note-off data to MIDI out when the sustain pedal is released. This is different from the original mother patch, which sends note-off data to MIDI out when the relevant note button is released.

I hope that’s helpful.

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