Tape mode

Hey Folks

Patching question–is there a way (or an existing patch) to write a ‘tape mode’ into a patch, to record a .wav file of an in-patch performance? I know sample and sequencing patches do this to some extent, and I know there’s a ‘Recorder’ factory patch, but I can’t think of an existing patch that does this outright. Or maybe I’m overthinking it?

It can easily be added but how to start and stop the recording may vary depending on the patch… i.e. Is the aux button free? How would you like it set up?

Awesome! I’d imagine AUX is usually taken–I could work with a foot switch, though that can be taken too.

It’s possible to use AUX for a separate function on a new page, yes? Perhaps making an additional page (depending on patch structure I suppose) that uses AUX to record only on that page?

sounds like a job for okontrol !

I would modify the mother patch to embed [writesf~] and trigger it via a extra script.

I really wanted something like this too but just got a Tascam instead.

For some reason the stock “record” patch never worked for me, always made the Organelle crash.

Still not a bad idea.