Recording to samplers in 1008

Is it possible to record new sounds live (not via USB transfer) into the sampler patches when running them through the 1008 patch or does the sequencer take over the aux functionality completely, thereby sacrificing the ability to record? Does saving the sampler patch with new recordings in it mean that those new recordings will then show up in the 1008 patch?

Does the 1008 patch point to the original sampler patches as aliases (symlinks) or as duplicate patches with the recording feature replaced by the sequencer?

Hi, firstly the 1008 patch is standalone and doesn’t require any other patches to run. This will be the case off almost all the patches on Patch Storage and certainly the case with all C&G patches.

As with all Organelle patches, (almost) anything is possible as you can edit the patch in Pure Data. Recording samples isn’t reliant on the aux button but from a user interface point of view you would need somewhere to switch this on and off, footswitch maybe?

Anyway, some editing of the patch would be required to add this functionality. Perhaps now is the time to learn Pd! :wink:

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Thanks for the advice. Good to know it’s at least possible. I didn’t think I’d be digging into Pure Data so soon!

Can you, or anyone who knows about making patches, enumerate the steps for restoring the record functionality in Pure Data?

Update: I got this working by creating a new version of the Basic Sampler patch that writes to /tmp/media/samples as suggested by @oweno in this thread.

It looks like this:

Then I created a new version of the Basic Sampler in the 1008 patch that reads in the file from the new location.

It’s encouraging to get something useful done in Pd without too much fuss! Not as scary as I thought it would be. (Although I was disappointed that I couldn’t preview my new patch on my Mac instead of on the Organelle itself. Had to grab a USB hub just to plug both a keyboard and mouse in.)