The '201' - New Synth

The function of the knobs is a convention of the Pd synth and pattern generator patches, but you could wire things up differently if you wanted to.


Nice! I backed your Kickstarter and am looking forward to receiving my 201 PP in the spring! I’m glad you decided to make a successor to the original PP. I was disappointed when I learned it had been discontinued. It’s great to see it back and improved. Now I just have to find the Terz amplifier!


Only 40-ish hours to go on our Kickstarter!

This video shows the 201 Pocket Piano in tandem with other devices you will probably recognize:

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Love the new Pocket Piano! But unfortunately I can’t use the payment options from Kickstarter!! Bummer. Is there any way to pay with PayPal? I am a little late tho with 4 hours remaining…

Hi @atzeehh Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately Kickstarter handles the payments and they don’t accept PayPal. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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No problem! Thank you for your quick response :slight_smile: Hope to see any PP after the kickstarter then!

Congrats to @oweno and @chrisk for this Kickstarter campaign that reached “Mach 4” :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to play this little 201!

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Bummed I missed out on the Kickstarter by a few days, but the 201 looks really fun and inspiring. Can’t wait for it to reach full production… Til then, I’ll be (not so-)patiently waiting!