Trouble downloading patches from C&G website... looking for overloop

I’m unable to download some patches from the C&G website. I was able to download a few newer ones, but not a couple older ones. (Not sure if that pattern would hold up or if it’s just random.)

I’m specifically trying to get Overloop. I don’t have it on my Organelle and I don’t see it on Patchstorage.

Could someone perhaps share it here or add it on patchstorage?

Overloop has not been uploaded to Patch Storage yet because it was released before we started using Patch Storage and the patch hasn’t needed to be updated so…

The patch can be downloaded from our site: Critter & Guitari

You can also download all patches from our github repo:
This is the best way to get the C&G patches (with the most recent updates) all at once.

Thanks for the info!

I tried downloading it from the C&G website, but it doesn’t work. I click the download button and nothing happens. Strangely, this only happens with some patches.

I’ll get it from github instead!