How to install all Organelle Patches?


This may be a dumb question, but the zip file of all Organelle patches… How do I install that? Do I need to install them all individually? I’ve only installed them one by one so far, and i feel like a fool.

To (re)install all of the C&G Patches:

  1. Download the zipped file of all C&G Patches
  2. Connect your Organelle to your WiFi or Start AP. Start the Web Server. If using AP, join your computer to the AP.
  3. Go to the Organelle’s Patch Manager from your browser
  4. Optional: Move/Copy any patches and/or files from current Patches directory to a ‘safe place’ on the SD card. (e.g. SD Card/Stuff_to_keep)
  5. Delete current Patches folder. This is permanent!
  6. Upload zipped folder to root level of SD Card & Unzip it
  7. Rename it to Patches so the Organelle knows to look there for your patches.
  8. Click into this new Patches folder and delete the file as it is not needed.
  9. Optional: Move/Copy any patches/files saved in step 4 into new Patches folder
  10. Select ‘Reload’ from Storage menu.
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Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply Chris.