Tuning in Rhodey patch

Has anyone else noticed that the Rhodey patch is quite far off A=440Hz? I had a quick look at the PD code, but to the layman’s eye there’s no obvious reason for this, i.e. I don’t think this is intentional. Some other patches sound very slightly off but this one in particular seems to be near unusable with other instruments. Anyone know a fix or which bit of the code might be causing this?

Many thank!!

What are your settings for Modulation & Transpose? If you set these both to ‘0’, it should be in tune.

Hi Chrisk,
Sorry, I should have done a little more digging before posting… so it’s only in the Arp II patch that it’s sharp - even though it looks like the PD code uses the same voice engine as the stand-alone Rhodey patch (which is perfectly in tune). It sounds almost a quater-tone sharp in the Arp II to my ear. I’ve played around with the Modulation setting but that sounds like it’s controlling a filter rather than altering the fundamental. Is there anything in the Arp II patch that would cause this issue?