Rings module out of tune?

I noticed that I coud never get rings to play in tune with my other instruments. So what I did was fine tune my minilogue, guitar, etc. Thought that was wierd but found my way out of it with detuning … so, trying to fix this, today I go back to ORAC to see if triggering notes from the sequencer is different and voilá, the notes are in tune. Then tried without the sequencer in ORAC and notes still in tune… what´s going on here?

Orac: in tune
Solo mode: detuned

27% on the Structure parameter seems to be a sweet spot. There are others. Sometimes detuned sounds are cool.

but same configuration in solo and ORAC sound different, nothing to do with structure %
or am i going mad?

Sorry, I understand now. In the rings orac module I remember seeing a [+ ] box somewhere labeled ‘tuning?’ or something. Seems likely to me that the standalone patch doesn’t have this added. Obviously @thetechnobear is best to field this.

seems odd/unlikely if im understanding you correctly.

as the note input is handled identically when coming from a proceeding module or played on they keys when you have the module active… its the same for all modules as its part of orac, unless ive a bug somewhere :slight_smile:

but before i go digging, can we confirm i understand you correctly…

this is all within Orac?

your using which modules?

your saying the tuning differs, if you put the notes thru a sequencer (higher in chain) vs, having the module active , then using the keys on the organelle?

or are you saying orac is behaving differently from the standalone rings patch?
if so, then its quite likely i fixed an issue between releasing Orac (and so the rings module) and the standalone patch.

ive kind let the standalone patch ‘die’ , as i don’t see them having any advantage over using Orac (with just the one module) , and orac has many advantages (presets/midi learn) - so I think its not worth the effort of maintaining both…

if others have a different opinion… e.g. a feature in the standalone but not in orac let me know, perhaps we can add this to orac.

I’ve said it before, so forgive the repetition, but as a Eigenharp Pico owner, i’d like that the expressive versions still stayed alive in some context (Orac or standalone)

So, in this first video i´m playing rings in standalone mode (not ORAC). Clouds is bypassed to avoid wierdness. The notes i´m playing (F and E) are not in tune. Tuning doesn´t change if you change the structure parameter.

In the second video, I´m playing rings in ORAC (Only module there, besides clock and routing option)
and the notes I play are in tune

yeah, the standalone version has a slight tuning issue which I fixed for the orac module