Tuning of Basic Poly Synth in Aarrpp II

I’ve realised that the Basic Poly Synth is quite out of tune. In the stand alone patch this is fine as you can adjust the tuning but in the Aarpp II patch this isn’t so easily fixed.
See this example (if your ears can take it): [Google Drive: Sign-in]

Does anyone have a fix for either the basic Poly Engine so that Tune @1200 cent is at concert pitch (A=440Hz)

Or where the tune setting is (if there is one) in the Aarrpp II patch structure?

Many thanks!

Two things could be causing this:

  1. There’s a global Transpose control at the end of the Synth selector. To access, go to the Synth Page, turn Knob1 to maximum right position, then use Knob2 to set transposition amount.
  2. On Basic Poly synth specifically: if the Basic Poly’s Vibrato Rate is set to 0 (zero) Hz, but the Vibrato Depth setting is not 0%, you can get some de-tuned frequencies.
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Thanks Chris! The Vibrato Depth sorted it out!

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