Arpeggio Synth Alteration?

Is there any way to get the Arpeggio Synth but with a changeable waveform like in the Basic Poly?

Arpeggio (19.6 KB)

i am not in front of my organelle so this MIGHT work

FS now only for Arpeggio latch and AUX should switch between 5 waveforms

wow the legend himself! thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I went and loaded it in but i cant seem to even open the patch in organelle unfortunately

i just got home
I’ll see what the issue is

Arpeggio (25.1 KB)

here you go, I was on Windows at work waiting for a call when i made it

what happened is it made a Folder inside a folder which is annoying.

try this one



Wow that is amazing…i’ve been wanting this for over a year now and you just did it within a day…

There only seems to be one small issue and that is the default pitch on an external midi keyboard is reaaaally low. So middle C on my keyboard seems to be playing C -3 or something. Hopefully that would be an easy fix! (25.6 KB)
i just morphed them to see if it would work. I fooled with it a little more so that Triangle can make use of Decay and you can tweak the decay for Sawtooth and get raspy sounds -SINE and SQuare do not respond to decay since the tables are really for the buzz~ opcode that was exploited

i think if you are getting super low notes – on waveforms besides the original sound there’s something else in the code, maybe try fooling with the channel you are sending in if you are sending midi in on 1 try 2 and vice versa. Hopefully this will get you going :slight_smile:



if im not mistaken, i remember your original patch making use of the decay. However now im noticing that the TONE knob alters the sound of the sawtooth and triangle wave which is awesome. Thank you so much man. I have a cool idea on how to make this patch go even deeper. you have a patreon still for this? I remember reading something about donating to have you make a patch

Anyways, im thinking it would be cool to have one of the multipage patches that are new in V2.1, and have one be this multiwave arpeggio synth, and the other wav the vibrato settings like in the Basic Poly. If that’s at all possible let me know and id be more than happy to donate!

would a little ‘x 3’ box after the ‘r notes’ fix this?

of course then the original one would be very high in pitch.

yes, it’s easier to make multipage synths with some of the awesome C&G patches – not a problem at all. It’s only an issue to modify specific things that take place inside a polyphonic or multi voice patch [sampler_voice] . feel free to hit me up whenever, make sure you check out patch storage too, there’s a ton of version1 patches & stuff that could be updated and might give you ideas too.



Resurrecting this thread so as not to start a new one :wink:

While testing out a more complex MIDI setup today I noticed something that was confusing to me about the Arpeggio Synth patch’s MIDI behavior. When I connect it to my reface DX it doesn’t seem to send/receive notes or clock (and I have tried different channels, including channel 2 for sending the arp notes out)! This is especially odd for two reasons:

  1. Tried several other patches and they seem to work with the DX no problem.
  2. Tried Arpeggio Synth patch with my Analog 4 and seems to work no problem.

Any ideas @chrisk @oweno of what could be the potential cause, or something I could try changing in the patch to see if it solves it. Would be stellar.

Also want to say thanks @shreeswifty for this arpeggio synth patch mod!
Can’t believe I had missed this - will be super useful for me. Thanks!

@shreeswifty @omoayedi19 - really enjoying this and preparing to possibly use it for a gig Tuesday.

Did we ever nail down why it seems to be transposed. I looked around the patch for a good while and I imagine it’s pretty simple, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it so that C is C (rather than Ab). Any tips? And any tips on modifying the default octave for the individual patterns? Thanks so much!