Tweak the "phase vocoder" patch

I actualy just found out that the patch “phase vocoder” is very close to what I am searching. It doing a recorded sound cromatic without changing the tempo of the recorded sound (a sound like f.e “ratatatatata” it will have the same tempo on all notes).
It should just need two or three small tweeks to meet the criteria of what I am looking for:

  • Turn of the autoplay so that it just play the samples when a key is pressed
  • Turn of the autorepeat of the sample that is played when a key is pressed, the sample should just be played once for every pressing of a key.
  • If possible it would be really nice with some polyphony, to be able to do at least three or four notes chord would be great.

Wouldn´t that be possible to do? To me it lookes like the two first wishes would just be to turn of something, like turning of the “autoplay” (latch) that you can do on a lot of other patches. Then just turn of the repeating of a key.
But unfortunately I have no idea of programming. Just really think that would be a ultimate patch to be able to sample some nice sounds and play them cromatic fast and easy. Would make me really happy if someone would have the lust to try to do such changes to the “phase vocoder” patch!

Just a question and a suggestion: did you try and open the patch in pure data, either in a computer or by attaching monitor, keyboard and mouse to the Organelle? You should…

Programming in pure date is a visual experience and it is much easier to understand than other programming languages. Maybe the changes you suggested become obvious when you look at the code?

Yes, I actualy did open the patch in pure data and tried to find something that l could change…unfortunately I didn´t even manage to change a number of anything. I am really not so clever when it comes to such things but I hope that here would be a bunch of people who actualy likes to do some tweaking of patches or build new ones. So I am still hopefully waiting for someone who would enjoy such a challenge…Maybe also someone that really could need such patch cause there aren´t really something like it. All others I found change the speed of the sound to change pitch what not is so convinient as a reproduction of a shorter outfading sound or a sound with some own puls to it. The phase vocoder is so close…

Here is a version I whipped up quickly. It doesn’t have your turning off samples automatically but I can message you a version that does. This should be pretty close to what you are looking for.

I threw this one together real quick that makes them play as one shots (162.9 KB)

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This is so fantastic and it is working perfect, couldn´t wish for more! I sent you another thank you PM here but just also wanted say it here, thank you so very much, now there finaly is a real cromatic sampler for Organelle and it is fast and accurate with some nice
feeling to the sound, love it!