Unable to download Modes.zip

My Eyesy recently required an OS refresh. Applied OS 2.2 and proceeded to get all my modes in order. Made a couple backups of Modes zipped up just yesterday, and downloaded them to my laptop for safe keeping.

Trying to make an additional backup today. Zip file is created fine, but now I am unable to download the file. Tried on two different laptops. Chrome seems to be blocking the download, but I’ve turned off all blockers and nothing seems to help. Download starts, but stops. Tried on Edge as well. Same thing.

Scenes.csv downloads fine.

Why did this work just yesterday? Not aware of any changes made that would result in this odd behavior.

It could be a problem with the size of the .zip? Do you know how big it is? You could try doing it in parts

It’s only 67 MB.

I toggled my Safe Browsing off temporarily, and that eventually seemed to make download possible. Still not sure why this is happening now, and didn’t happen the many times before when I made backups.

This problem is back, on both Mac and PC. Tried Chrome, Safari and Edge. Seems to be something to do with larger files. Once the ZIP file gets to a certain size, I can’t download. Also tried Incognito mode.

Have you tried copying the files via the commandline with scp? This would only work on a Mac or Linux though.
The following line would transfer all your Python modes from the Eyesy to your computer - to be exact in your current working directory, which might be your User folder /Users/yourusername:

Open the Terminal app and run the following command:

scp -vr music@eyesy.local:/sdcard/Modes/Python ./

or try this if you want a specific zip file only (adapt path and filename to your needs):

scp -v music@eyesy.local:/sdcard/path-to-your-zipfile/my-file.zip ./

You will be prompted for the Eyesy password too.

This is a great suggestion. However, so far even though I have my Eyesy password set via the Settings in the browser connection, I am not able to use that password to access the unit from the terminal.

Hmmm… another option could be connecting to the Eyesy via AP and using “coolmusic” (or was it just “music”) as the password?
Not sure if this would work with eyesy.local though - you might need to replace it with the IP address shown on the On Screen Display.

The password for the ‘music’ user should just be ‘music’. (this is different from the WiFi network or AP password)

Yeah, realized that. Looks like it ran. Dumped to a folder named Python, which is great. Thanks so much. I’ll stop banging my head against the wall on the browser method now! :slight_smile:

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The macOS terminal app opens in your user folder by default - unless you have changed to a different folder with the “cd” command before, the command posted above would copy the folder to your personal user folder → /Users/yourusername

Simply open your terminal app and enter the following command to open a Finder window in the current working directory:
open .

If you would like the Downloads folder as your destination you could adapt the command like this:
scp -vr music@eyesy.local:/sdcard/Modes/Python ./Downloads/

Yep, got it. I bounce back from PC to Mac all the time so always need to recalibrate to find stuff. Thanks again!