File Size with Patch/File Manager

I keep running into following error message whenever I try to download a zipped patch through the patch manager on the organelle:


What am I doing wrong? I am running OS 3.1 and pd 0.49.

If you refresh the patch listing, does that zip file still show up? If you ‘Installed’ that patch from the OLED Screen’s Patches listing (“Install AEbelton…”) the files you see in the Patch Manager may have been deleted since the last time the Patch Manager screen was loaded…

The zip is still there after I refresh the screen, I made the zip myself by selecting a patch directory and zipping it.

Looking closer at the image the alert message says “” meaning that the entire zip has not been downloaded. I can’t remember if there is a limit on file sizes for transfer. @oweno?
If that zip contains many separate files, you could break them up into smaller groups to zip&download separately and then reconstitute after unzipping.

Aha that might be the issue for as much as I remember that zip is around 122.4 MB in size with 2 sub directories and a couple of humongous samples in it.

This is OT so i apologise but is it possible at some point that a select all and deselect all toggle could be added to the patch manager? @chrisk @oweno

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