Recovering a Bricked EYESY

Hi, I’m taking my first steps into modifying the EYESY system and want to make sure I can recover if I break it.

If I upload a breaking change, will I be able to replace the problem files through ssh still? Presumably this would not be possible if the error is to do with the EYESY’s wifi connection, but I won’t be fiddling with that…

My other question is, since the modes and scenes are in a separate partition, are they relatively ‘safe’ while modifying the system? I have made a backup of the modes, but I’m still curious whether they could be affected!


You can always burn the original disk image to the SD card. See the appendix in the manual for instructions how to do this.

I don’t know what kind of modifications you are planning to the system, but I’d always make sure you backup anything important before proceeding.

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OK thanks for the advice!