Unscrewing the Organelle M

is there a video similar to this

showing how to successfully take apart an Organelle M, and putting it together again?
I managed to pour a little water over it - not much and I don’t know if anything got inside - it still works - but I’d feel safer if I could take it apart just a bit so that I can use an electric fan to dry the electronics . I tried it but gave up when I realized I’d have to unscrew the 4 screws that hold the speaker. I unscrewed one of them and don’t get it in again :slight_smile:
So for now, I blew some warm air at it from the outside, hoping it helped a little. If it still works, can I feel safe or is it possible that a little water got inside and will oxidize something later so that it won’t work a week from now?


Sorry to hear about that water spill!

We don’t have a video guide, but here’s a PDF:

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that’s very helpful, many thanks !!

Leave it open in a warmish ventilated room and the water will evaporate by itself after a few days. Then close it again. All the electronics will be fine.