Organelle M is mute

Hello folks,

I’m having an issue with my Organelle M. It appears I can use an amp to get sounds through the out input but I am not able to get to come out the Organelle through its speaker. Anyone out here on the forum who can help me remedy this situation? Much appreciated!!!


Might be an obvious question, but it wasn’t stated. Is the speaker switch set to off?

Hey Heath,

    Thank you very much for responding. I believe I have the speaker in the on position. What else might it be?

Have you ever been able to get audio through the speaker or did you buy this second hand and never have it able to work?

I was able to get sound from the speaker previous. It seems to have stopped only recently. The product wasn’t bought second hand and I bought it from C&G.

Hmmm… Do you have any midi controllers or usb things plugged in on boot?

It sounds like it is best to contact us directly: C&G Contact

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No I don’t.