Update help for Org1 OS 4.1 download from Github

I’d like to update my Org 1 to OS4.1 by using this file from Github: GitHub - critterandguitari/Organelle_OS
However, I don’t know the correct process to do this. Could someone please advise? I tried to use the etcher program to burn the image to a new SD card, but it gave an error.

(I can’t download the 4.0 update from the manual because my web browser won’t download it despite my attempts to adjust the security and site settings. The one from Github is the only one I can get, unless someone could send me directly the official C&G 4.0 update file.) Thanks for your support!!

OS 4.0 is the highest version currently available for the Organelle 1.
The Github repo you linked to is not a disk image so you can’t flash it to the microSD card.

We are working on getting the disk images on an https site. But for now, you can follow this advice below:

…and download the OS 4.0 for Organelle I: http://thepeacetreaty.org/organelle/diskimages/OG1-v4.0.img.zip
Your browser may stop the download but if that happens, you can ‘allow download anyway’ or similar option from your browser’s download menu/toolbar.

EDIT: see post below.

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You can now download the disk image from the new server (OS v4.0, the latest for Organelle 1) :


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Yes, the Save Link As… click worked to begin the download, flashed with the belena etcher and all is working great now! Thanks for your response!