USB Midi - which one is working well? (no stuck note)

Hi, I’m using my Organelle M updated with the last OS.
I also use a Akai MPK midi II (USB) but after few notes played, one of the notes get stuck and plays forever. The only way to stop it is to restart the patch. This problem have been posting before but no solution came out.

So I’m looking for a new Midi control which wouldn’t have this problem.
My question is, which USB midi controller are you using ? Are the Arturia minilab working fine on organelle? or Alesis?

Thanks in advance for your advice !

Is it just from playing the keys or are you playing notes while editing/changing pages on a patch?

Simply by playing the keys. At some point one of the key gets stuck.
The critteri team told me it might be because akai is not compatible with linux. Couldn’t find any solution.

Ah damn, sorry to hear.
I use an m-audio keystation 49mk3. Haven’t had that happen to me.
The only issue I’ve come across is when using the pitch modulation wheel. Some patches aren’t a fan of it and lose their centre pitching so you have to adjust that.

Thanks @Fuzzy_spacebear for the tips, I’ll look it up.
If anyone here uses Arturia’s minilab collection and can testify it’s working it’d be helpfull, as it’s quite similar to the Akai i’m used to.

I encountered the same issue with an Arturia Minilab MK2, it’s a common enough problem:

For whatever reason the controller drops note off messages causing stuck notes.

Someone else in that thread mentions having an m-audio keyboard that works fine.