I have the same issue! The difference is that my midi controller is an Akai MPK mini, with the DAW works fine but with the organelle some notes get stuck, exactly in the same way than ejfogleman.

Curious, rare, strange, but sad.

Thanks everyone!

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Sorry to hear about your stuck notes. Looking at the overview section on this page: https://www.akaipro.com/mpk-mini

It says:

MPK mini works plug-and-play with Mac and PC and requires no software driver installation

When they mention only Mac/PC, it could mean that they don’t support Linux-based OSes like the one on the Organelle. It may be worth contacting AKAI to check.

Hi Chris,

Apologies if this is covered in other threads, but do you have a recommendation for a midi controller like the Akai or Arturia (keys + pads + knobs) that you’ve tried and is known to work well with the Organelle?


I have also the Alesis Q25 and works perfect, but no knobs…

Yes, the same for Alesis Q25:

"USB MIDI and traditional MIDI for use with Mac and PC, as well as MIDI hardware"

And it works perfectly.

Anyway thank you for your response, also I enjoy a lot your patches!

Hi, sorry to bump an old conversation, but I’m curious if anybody’s found success here over the past year.

Has anyone gotten an Akai MPK Mini MK2 working well with the Organelle M? I am still getting stuck MIDI notes when I try to play multiple keys at once. I have tried disabling MIDI out (to try and rule out a MIDI feedback loop), and I have tried different patches. That doesn’t resolve the issue. I’ve also tried updating the firmware as well as changing the channels on which notes are sent. Still no dice.

I’d love to get this working since I don’t have another MIDI controller, and I’m not a big fan of the Organelle’s built-in keys.

I’m also contacting AKAI support to see if they can help. I’ll report back if I discover anything there.