USB Port problem

One of the USB ports on the Organelle 1, the one that is closer to the keyboard, has been acting up lately. It recognizes whatever that is connected to it, but then randomly cuts the power to that device (USB stick or controller). This happens during a performance (when I touch the USB cable or move the Organelle or sometimes just randomly) and renders the Organelle useless for a minute or two, as I need to re-scan MIDI devices, etc.

Is there a way to have my Organelle serviced in Germany?

USB ports get quite a lot of ‘repetitive’ strain. so, it’s most likely one of the solder joints to the main pcb has cracked - likely reflowing the joints would solve it. It’s fairly quick/simple for anyone (with a soldering iron e.g. a friend, or a local electrical repair centre) to open up and sort out, as the organelle is very straightforward inside.

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Hi @korhanerel,

Sorry to hear about this. We don’t have a service center in Europe. If you would like to send it in for repair, please contact us here.

I’ve just sent a message. Thanks.

I did open the Organelle up and took a look (and cleaned the dust while I am at it). Couldn’t see any problems, but I don’t have the eye of an expert.